Garage Flooring

Over time, Chicagoland’s harsh winters, cold and salt will cause your unfinished concrete garage floors to crack and crumble. Replacing a concrete floor is expensive! Before you do, check out epoxy flooring from Crest Concrete Coatings.

We can repair most cracks and disintegrating surfaces and install a commercial-grade epoxy floor system. You can select just the right look for your home by selecting from our many colors and finishes. All of our epoxy floor systems resist stains from household cleaners, road salt, oils, gasoline, lubricants, etc. Best of all, your new Crest epoxy floor will last for many years to come and clean as easily as your kitchen floor.

Don’t let our harsh Chicago winters destroy your concrete garage floor. Contact Crest Concrete Coatings today and restore you garage floor to its original (or better) finish.